Corporate Identity

Your organization’s graphic identity has a specific job to do. It has to distill the essence of your brand, your service or your product to one simple visual idea that will instantly convey your identity to your audience. Whether you’re launching a new enterprise or rebranding, we work closely with you to develop an identity that will represent the brand well across all media, physical and digital. We listen to your vision for the organization, develop and present design concepts, then refine until we arrive at the ideal solution for your unique brand. Our identity work has won awards and been published in identity design collections.

Salmon Tapestry Logo
OneSI Work Hub Logo
Ashley Rountree Corporate ID
Destination Georgetown Logo
Brinegar Dentistry Corporate ID
Techshot Corporate ID
Family Ark Corporate ID
Jeffersonville Library Corporate ID
Green Treen Mall Logo
Kentucky Foot and Ankle Corporate ID